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Corporate Profile


TransUnion leverages a superior understanding of consumer information, advanced analytic capabilities, sophisticated technologies and diverse expertise to develop innovative and reliable solutions to meet the changing needs of customers and consumers around the globe.


In 1968, the Union Tank Car Company, a railcar leasing operation, created TransUnion as its parent holding company. For the next 30 plus years, we grew to become one of the world's leading business intelligence providers, maintaining one of the largest collections of consumer information. In 1969, we recognized an opportunity to grow a new business using our technical expertise. We acquired the Credit Bureau of Cook County (CBCC), which manually maintained 3.6 million card files in 400 seven-drawer cabinets. Soon after the acquisition of CBCC, we became the first company in the credit reporting industry to replace accounts receivable data with automated tape-to-disc transfer, drastically cutting the time and cost to update consumer files. 

Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, we continued to expand our facilities and capabilities through investments in technology and strategic growth initiatives and acquisitions.  In 1988, we achieved full coverage in the United States, maintaining and updating information on virtually every market-active consumer in the country.

Through the 1990s and the turn of the century, we've extended operations beyond the credit reporting industry and business-to-business offerings into healthcare data management, insurance, auto information services, capital markets and rental screening services to name a few.  We also strengthened our analytics and decisioning capabilities by acquiring one of the most powerful technologies for high-volume, individual-level decisions about customer prospecting, acquisition and management.

On the consumer front, TransUnion entered the direct-to-consumer market with the acquisition of TrueCredit.com in 2002. We now help millions of consumers protect, manage and improve their credit through easy-to-use online services at TransUnion.com.


555 W. Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60661


Currently, TransUnion has a global network in place to serve business customers and consumers around the world with operations and affiliates in 33 countries. 


  • United States      
  • Africa      
  • Brazil                       
  • Canada                           
  • Chile                               
  • Central America               
  • Dominican Republic        
  • Hong Kong                     
  • India                               
  • Mexico ADS                   
  • Mexico AIS                     
  • Philippines                      
  • Vietnam                          


  • Jim Peck: President/CEO
  • John Blenke: Corporate General Counsel
  • Mohit Kapoor: CITO
  • Jeff Hellinga: President, U.S. Information Services
  • Mary Krupka: Executive VP, Human Resources
  • Mark Marinko: President, Consumer Services
  • S. Allen Hamood: Chief Financial Officer
  • David Neenan: President, International 

Media Contacts

Clifton M. O’Neal                                                               Dave Blumberg                   
Sr. Director, Corporate Communications                              Manager, Public Relations               
312-985-2540                                                                    312-985-3059           
coneal@transunion.com                                                           dblumbe@transunion.com   

Organization and Service Offerings

U.S.Information Services

Help businesses make smarter decisions through services and guidance that leverage information, enterprise-wide decisioning technologies, advanced analytics and diverse expertise.


  • Marketing Services
  • Fraud and Identity Management
  • Risk Management
  • Collections Management
Markets Supported
  • Automotive
  • Collections
  • Capital Markets
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate – Capital markets, Rental Screening
  • Retail

International Services

Connect businesses and consumers around the world by developing and implementing credit infrastructures.  Currently, TransUnion serves customers in 32 countries.

  • Consulting services for developing credit reporting infrastructures
  • Technical licensing
  • Debt collection
  • Asset registration
  • Direct marketing
  • Analytics and decisioning
  • Fraud and Identity Management
  • Risk Management
  • Collections Management


*For a complete list of products and services by country, please refer to the TransUnion Solutions by Region.

Consumer Services

Empower consumers with the tools, resources and education to become effective managers of their own credit health.

  • Credit Reports & Scores
  • Credit Monitoring Services
  • FACT Act and Other Free Credit Report Disclosures
  • Credit Dispute Services
  • Fraud & Identity Theft Services
  • Consumer Credit Education
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Media Contacts

Consumer, Corporate and International

Clifton O'Neal

Credit Statistics, B2B and International

Dave Blumberg

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