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Expert Sources/Speakers

TransUnion's senior executives are available to share their expertise and comment on the following industry trends:

Analytics and decisioning technologies across the customer lifecycle

Learn why businesses are implementing new strategies to make consumer information more actionable and the resulting benefits. Our expertise encompasses the entire customer lifecycle, including:

  • Identifying the best prospects for a marketing campaign
  • Assessing an individual's credit risk
  • Cross-selling related products or services to increase customer profitability
  • Prioritizing collection efforts to recover the highest amount possible
  • Preventing fraud to reduce associated losses
  • Adhering to industry regulations to remain compliant
  • Managing a customer portfolio to maximize return

Consumer credit and credit scoring

Thought leaders can discuss the benefits of speaking directly to the (data) source and provide insight on how credit information is gathered, maintained and analyzed. They can also discuss how credit scores are developed, customized and used across a variety of industries to speed up the credit approval process.

International credit markets

Learn how the convergence of technology infrastructures, credit information and data are helping to build local economies around the globe.

Fraud resolution and prevention

Stay up-to-speed on identity theft and fraud management strategies for both consumers and businesses.Members of our Fraud Victim Assistance Department, the industry's first and only dedicated unit of its kind, serve in a variety of industry roles and possess several years of experience in working with consumers, the industry and law enforcement to battle financial crimes.


Thought leaders can provide solutions on how to underwrite more effectively, target qualified prospects and reduce rate evasion in this complex, competitive and highly regulated industry. Topics as diverse as improving marketing efforts to responding to incidents of fraud may also be broached, among other areas.

For more information or to request an interview or speaker for an upcoming event, contact:

Clifton O'Neal

Dave Blumberg
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Consumer, Corporate and International

Clifton O'Neal

Credit Statistics, B2B and International

Dave Blumberg

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